I know this sounds too good to be true.  It will make a lot more sense
                                once you learn the five big Hollywood secrets.

                        The first big Hollywood secret!

            ANYONE can make a feature film without spending a dime of their own money.

Yes.  This is true.  Not one Hollywood producer or director has ever made a movie where they actually had to spend their own money.  Of course, there are a few exceptions when the producer or director did use their own money because they wanted full control of the movie project.  But this does not happen often.

                     The second big Hollywood secret!

       Practically ANYONE can become a Hollywood producer, director, and scriptwriter...
       almost overnight!

Your first thought might be, "I can't do any of those things!"  But would it help to know that every Hollywood producer, director, and scriptwriter did completely different things the day before they decided to make a movie?  Hence, they all made an executive decision to make a career change.

                      The third big Hollywood secret!

     Hollywood is the only industry that does not require years of academic education and
     field experience in such lucrative positions; producer, director, and scriptwriter.

As a matter of fact, they require very little experience, if any at all!  Every Hollywood producer, director, and scriptwriter learned their job description on their first feature film project that lasted not more than 15-days.  And the job description is the same on every project that follows.

                              Why such a great demand?

In this emerging business, Hollywood producers, directors, and scriptwriters move on to other opportunities at such a fast pace, they leave a vacuum of openings for YOU!  Unfortunately, Hollywood does not advertise in the classifieds or want-ads like other industries.  They mainly rely on word-of-mouth.

                                    This is the word-of-mouth!

And also unlike other industries, there is not a limited number of positions.  Have you noticed how many movies keep popping up?  This is just the tip of the ice berg.  There is a huge backlog of  movies just waiting to be made.  There just simply aren't enough people to make them!

                    The fourth big Hollywood secret!

                There are no jobs in Hollywood that require a film school degree.

As a matter of fact, you can visit the wikipedia page of any well-known Hollywood producer and director, and you will not find a film school listed among their credentials.  Many Hollywood producers and directors actually discourage going to film school because you will never get the chance to apply what you learned.

Most (if not all) producers, directors, and scriptwriters have never set foot in a film school.  This actually leads us to the fifth big Hollywood secret.

                      The fifth big Hollywood secret!

      The rules to making your first feature film are different (and much easier) than
       the rules veteran filmmakers use to make big budget blockbuster movies!

This is probably the most important among the Hollywood secrets!  Film schools (and online film school courses) have a tendency to teach their students the techniques that veteran filmmakers use to make big budget blockbuster movies.  However, this knowledge does not do a student any good.  In essence, film school degrees are virtually worthless in Hollywood.

Film schools give the student filmmaker the misguided impression they can be the next Steven Spielberg, after graduation.  When reality finally strikes, the film school graduate finds himself working in a camera store, or as a waiter in a restaurant looking for their big break.

         Finally, learn what no film school will teach!

Hollywood has the impression it is an extremely closed society.  Hence, you must know someone, who knows someone, who is related to someone else, in order to get a break in the movie industry.  Although this happens occasionally, it could not be further from the truth.

Hollywood seems closed because there is ONLY ONE WAY to gain entry into the filmmaking industry.  And that one way is to
make your first feature film with a $1-million budget and get it into movie theaters!  To add cream to the pie, the project can be shot in as little as 15-days.

Although, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on film school, you do need knowledge!  Film schools will not teach you how to make your first feature film with a $1-million budget, shoot it in 15-days, and get it into movie theaters.  Once you do this, the powers-that-be in Hollywood will come to you!

It all boils down to the fact that Hollywood only cares about one thing,
"Do you know how to make and sell a feature film?"  Unfortunately, they won't take your word for it.  Nor will they take a film school's word for it.

                                                 YOU HAVE TO PROVE IT TO THEM!

Make your first feature film with a $1-million budget, shoot it in as little as 15-days, and get it into movie theaters!  Only then will they trust and offer you projects with bigger budgets!
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